Version history of Penelope

Version 17.0

  • Added menu to let you see items you have under the bed

  • Fixed bug where medium yellow doors would blend with the background color while in colorblind mode

  • Made levels 2, 3, 11 and 15 more instructive

  • Fixed bug that made you lose one cup of water each time you hit undo and redo

  • Removed outdated tip from level 5.

  • Added chapter 8 tutorial prompt.

  • Added some tutorial text.

  • Fixed delay in Emily's tutorial text 

  • Fixed error that prevented you from undo when bombing certain walls

  • Prevented monsters from being trapped by crates

  • Fixed bugs involving spawning order and optimization

  • Made pause screen display the toilet icon properly when you are about to wet the bed

Version 16.1.1

  • Fixed fatal error when drawing Emily’s items on the pause screen

  • Made Emily’s items draw color blind assist properly for items in the void on the pause screen

Version 16.1

  • Added button to switch between Sahi and Penny

  • Default camera controls were backwards

  • Added tips for Sahirah and Emily

  • You can select items under the bed with the joystick

  • Made carrots display shortcut

  • Made hotkeys work under the bed without holding the retain button

Version 16.0

  • Fixed bug where Penelope goes into the air when undoing shrinking/growing

  • Removed debug message from checkmarks

  • Changed the default pee key to "P" instead of "Q" to move it away from the camera controls

  • Realigned shortcuts, hotkeys and cost

  • Fixed bug where pause screen wouldn't display items with colorblind assist

  • Added configuration

Version 15.1

  • Fixed bug caused by rounding error with x

  • Fixed bug that allowed Emily and Sahirah to continue jumping after undoing

  • Fixed level 37

Version 15.0

  • Fixed typo in tutorial

  • Made level 2 easier

  • Fixed bug where Emily fell through the floor

  • Expanded the undo function

Version 14.1.2

  • Fixed bugs for Sahi involving  imperceptible rounding of the x-coordinate

  • Fixed bug with collision, buttons and Sahirah

  • Made level 29 a bit better

Version 14.1.1

  • Fixed jumping bug caused by imperceptible rounding of the x-coordinate

Version 14.1

  • Fixed text in level 11 that was overlapping buttons.

  • Fixed bug that prevented you from pushing crates against walls

  • Adjusted the heights in a few of the first 15 puzzles

  • Stopped tutorial text from shrinking

Version 14.0

  • Aligned the levels to the center of the screen

  • Fixed zooming to always center levels and to allow zooming on tall levels

  • Fixed bug that caused buttons to be pressed by walls

  • Optimized walls to increase performance

  • Added another level

  • Ordered the levels

  • Fixed bug that allowed to you retain influence by undoing while retaining McKee the Mighty Dragon

  • Fixed undo bug in tutorial

  • Fixed bug caused by imperceptible rounding of the x-coordinate

  • Fixed level 23

  • Color blind assist

  • Finished writing level chapters

Version 13.0

  • Added level 39 and level 40

  • Gave Sahirah her own check mark cursor

  • "Yes" and "no" no longer linger for half a second before the game ended.

  • Fixed bugs surrounding undoing and checkmarks

  • Removed the minimum screen size

Version 12.2.2

  • Fixed error that didn’t allow Sahi and Penelope to be dropped onto each other to wake up.

Version 12.2.1

  • Fixed bug where zoom wouldn't be remembered

  • Made Penelope wake up as soon as she fell off the screen

  • Stopped Penelope from running off the screen

  • Fixed a typo in code that prevented Sahi from using influence shortcuts for bombs and checkmarks

  • Made Emily run towards opening below

  • Fixed error that caused the matter wall to be solid

Version 12.2

  • Fixed a bug where you would unlock a door instead of steal from Emily

  • Game starts in fullscreen and automatically adjusts to you screen size

  • Fixed level 25

Version 12.1

  • Fixed undo bug where items wouldn’t return to your inventory after use if Emily wasn’t retaining them

Version 12.0

  • Changed tags to letters

  • Rearranged order of items by letter rather than creation order (which seemed random to the player)

  • Allowed shortcuts on reality screen

  • Improved undo and redo systems coding

  • Overhauled growing and shrinking code

  • Stopped Penelope from running into walls

  • Emily gets off buttons properly

  • Added very small drop door

  • Replaced drop doors in level 23

  • Stopped drop doors from closing on Emily, crates and monsters

  • Added zooming in and out of larger missions

  • Emily does a better job of knowing when and when not to move

  • Camera always starts centered on Penelope, regardless of if Sahirah is in the room or not

  • Penelope can fall into gaps easier

  • Prevented you from falling into the gaps created by crates

  • Added 3 new levels

  • Starts in windowed mode

Version 11.0

  • Made Emily and Sahi appear on the victory screen by default

  • Made Sahi her own influence symbols

  • Gave Sahi her boxer sprites

  • Let Sahi trigger checkmarks

  • Fixed drink markers

  • Swapped Levels 14 and 15 to be in the right order

  • Fixed bug that classified Kalina as a non-object

  • Made feeding bunnies take time

  • Removed under the bed. All items are visible on the main screen.

  • Let you view dream.

  • Reality menu buttons change color based on availability and other stuff

  • Added six new levels

Version 10.0

  • Added Sahirah

  • Added rabbits and carrots

  • Added five new levels

  • Made Emily stop running in cramped quarters

  • Emily presses buttons properly

Version 9.3

  • Added icon

  • Made game start in fullscreen

Version 9.2

  • Fixed bug where a variable defaulted to 0 instead of 1 preventing the tutorial from being toggled.

Version 9.1

  • Fixed bug caused by going under the bed when purple monsters are present.

  • The game remembers your first pair of pajamas.

Version 9.0

  • Renovated levels 10, 14, 15, 18 and 23

  • Fixed bug where Penelope Grew and jumped to the floor above

  • Made crates land on Penelope properly

  • Fixed spelling and grammar errors

  • Fixed errors caused by the purple monster in chapter 20

  • Added undo/redo buttons

  • Made crates push monsters

  • Shifted influence tabs down to prevent misclicks

  • Added confirmation window

  • Decreased sound of crates getting pushed

Version 8.2

  • Fixed level 17

  • Fixed bug that let Penelope retain four items without Octo

  • Fixed fatal error when detaining objects from under the bed when Octo is selected

Version 8.1

  • Fixed loophole in level 17

  • Fixed bug that caused Penelope to get elevated to a higher floor while growing

  • Increased sound of Penelope and Emily falling

Version 8.0

  • Made M key steal animals

  • Fixed final level

  • Fixed the alt-text of item markers

  • Added spider fanny pack, so you'd know when Emily can retain 4 items

  • Added Emily's influence, so you'd know when the unicorn's powers are available

  • Increased sound of Penelope and Emily falling

Version 7.2

  • Fixed bug that oddly didn’t show up before where the medium yellow door appeared as a wall

  • Added the word “her” to Emily’s popup text in levels 21-23

Version 7.1

  • Fixed level 13 so that it was a better puzzle

  • Fixed bug where you could grow with hotkey and teleport through the ceiling

  • Made it so you can’t shrink (or grow) with hotkey while moving

Version 7

  • Fixed level 5 so that you couldn’t just bomb your way to victory.

Version 6.4

  • Removed debug numbers

  • Added text to level 2

  • Fixed text for levels 2 and 4.

Version 6.3

  • added in-game text.

  • Changed “sleep” to “play”

Version 6.2

  • Fixed level 7.

Version 6.1.1

  • Removed Kalina the two-headed kangaroo’s ability to retain drinks

Version 6.1

  • Added different colored backgrounds

  • Refocused the camera

  • Let escape exit to main menu

Version 6.0

  • Added 4 new levels

  • Put the levels in proper order

  • Added main menu graphics

  • Added level descriptions

  • Fixed numerous bugs surrounding crates

  • Changed weights of crates

  • Made it impossible to push two crates at once

  • Fixed glowing when Penelope is scaled

  • Fixed flicker of Penelope's hair by darkening it

  • Fixed sizes of drop doors that were one pixel too tall

  • Added level descriptions

  • Added hotkeys

  • Changed IDs to be based on distance to Penelope

  • Made it more obvious when you have to use the bathroom

  • Added sounds

  • Removed unnecessary influences

Version 5.0

  • Fixed sizes of locks that were one pixel too tall

  • Added alt-text to markers and influence

  • Fixed glowing when Penelope is at normal scale

  • Added level 7 and levels 12-19

Version 4.0

  • Increased Penelope's size when she grew back to 125%

  • Fixed horizontal collisions associated with Penelope being too big

  • Made Penelope too big to fit in size three holes when she is large

  • Added cursors to help you know if you have influence selected

  • Prevented you from destroying sliding doors with bombs

  • Gave Penelope a mask

  • Fixed bug that let you use Octo's power be selecting and deselecting him

  • Added Lioness cape thingy so you know if you have increased attack or not

  • Added level 6

Version 3.0

  • Fixed bug where Penelope got stuck in the ceiling when she was large and gravity was lowered

  • Fixed item IDs so influence is no longer counted and in some cases created errors

  • Deleted levels 6 and 7, which were never puzzles but still remained

Version 2.3.1

  • Fixed bug when Penelope got stuck in the floor when she was large and gravity was lowered

Version 2.3

  • Penelope can no longer be crushed by crates she is standing on

  • Penelope is pushed by and can be crushed by crates moved using influence

  • Made Penelope smaller when she grows and shrinks to improve jumping in tight spaces

  • Added new levels

Version 2.2

  • Update checker can now be turned on or off

Version 2.1

  • Added automatic update checker

  • Fix bug that clicked on everything, leading to accidental use of keys

Version 2.0

  • Fixed bug that prevented Penelope from calling her father

  • Added Emily Watterson

  • Added level 8

Version 1.1

  • Fixed fatal error caused by winning

  • Fixed error with displaying the wrong shortcut key

  • Added a back button for under the bed.

Version 1.0

  • First version of Penelope